Technical service is always considered as an important part as our orientation to be technology provider. Service team strictly engage to the verification and validation programs by principal partners before permitted to perform the service. We commit to deliver the service full matching to custome requirement for quality-schedule-cost, under even the most difficult circumstances.



Power Network


✳ Power System Engineering Service
✳ Power Analytical Service

◾ Load Flow Analysis

◾ Short Circuit Calculation

◾ Protection Device Coordination

◾ Arc Flash Analysis

◾ Motor Acceleration Analysis

◾ Transient & Dynamic Study

◾ Harmonic & Filter Sizing 

◾ Grid Interconnection Study

✳ Data Exchange - Intergration


Energy System


✳ Energy Efficient Consultancy

✳ Energy Performance, Saving Assessment


Electrical System


✳ Electrical Equipment Online Monitoring

✳ Electrical Asset Performance - System Health Assessment

✳ Power Quality Audit


Motive Power


✳ Generator/Motor Condition Monitoring System

✳ Generator/Motor Life Expectancy - Reliability Assessment

✳ Drives/Inverter Upgrade - Retrofit - Repair

✳ Life-cycle Maintenance