Challenging projects

Participate in large-scale projects, practice expertise.

Awesome clients

Working with global customers and partners, improving working style and ability.

Enthusiastic colleagues

The staff is enthusiastic, highly professional, always sociable, helping each other.

Creative environment

Professional, creative and flexible working environment, expand knowledge.
  • Quantity: 01
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Check and control the validity and legality of internal accounting documents and rotate them in the correct rules

-Accounting for internal accounting documents on Amis and Smartsheet software

-Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly or urgently reports at the request of F&A manager

  • Quantity: 01
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Energy Management Solution (PMS, Energy efficiency,…)

– Power Quality Service (Power Quality Assessment )

– Power Quality Product (Active Harmonic Filter, Power protection Condition,…)

– Power SCADA System

  • Quantity: 06
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Design and develop electrical systems.

– Experience in working with PLC & Drive Siemens, Rockwell,…

– Factory Automation: SCADA, HMI, SQL,….

  • Quantity: 02
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Site survey/make plan and analysis of solutions that are technically similar or equivalent. Technical support in the pre-sales phase.

– Carry out the overall planning of the project design. Make sure there is on-time emission of the project design documentation.

– Develop PLC’s programs and project design documentation. Reviews with project team members to provide an analysis and evaluation.

– System installation and commissioning.

  • Quantity: 02
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Consulting automation solutions for customers, making plans, choosing configuration conditions control, communication… for SCADA system for power transmission and distribution.
– Calculation, design and programming for PLC, SCADA, HMI, Networks, Database…
– Set up project documents, standardize PLC software development process and standards, SCADA
– Coordinate with project and professional departments during project implementation.
– Implement the installation, installation, test run, console at the construction site.

  • Quantity: 03
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Production Operation Management: Production Report, Batch Monitoring, Quality Track & Trace, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Laboratory Information Management System,
Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).
– Factory Automation: SCADA, DCS

  • Quantity: 05
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Electric Motor and Drive system

– Knowledgeable of Instrumentation and Automation, PLC, SCADA

  • Quantity: 02
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Deploy configuration, design and administration of PI System and related applications, including upgrading, maintaining and transferring the system to customers.
– Ensure system confidentiality and security.
– Support Sales Department to survey, consult, design and make technical proposals
– Interact, work, support and take care of customers.

VacanciesSite Engineer

  • Quantity: 02
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Job Summary:

– Participate in new project survey, volume separation
– Read and understand electrical design drawings, layout of electrical machinery and equipment
– Making construction plan, project schedule
– Directly supervise the work at the site, supervise the construction contractor, install the electrical system
– Handling problems and requests arising at the site to ensure construction quality and project progress

Join with ESEC to build your personal branding !

Our aim is to utilize newest technologies from international partners, combine with internal resource and excellent customer experience, to offer optimal solutions to our clients. Whoever they are, end users, contractors or consortium partners, we get them experience an unmatched level of customer service in a sprit of long-term co-operation.

Due to the need to expand the company with the aim and belief be a pioneer technology provider in industrial community, we are looking forward to working with new colleagues that have the same orientation.

ESEC believes that human resources are the key factor to decide success and development of the company. Therefore, ESEC always creates the most favorable conditions for your development. At ESEC you can creative, contribute ideas, apply knowledge and experience to build and develop the Company.

The candidates who are interested in this position please apply your CV to Human Resources via Email:

Or please contact: 0909 59 23 89 (Ms. Thu Duong) for more information!

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Having been with ESEC since the early days of its establishment, I have been with ESEC through many stages and emotional ups and downs. This environment is where I have grown and developed in my career, where I have accumulated more and more skills and work experience. Until now ESEC has become a part of my life, a real second family
Ms. Cuong Nguyen
Accounting Manager

From the very beginning when interviewing at ESEC, I felt the warmth and friendliness from this working environment. This is also the reason why I decided to stick with ESEC. This place has given me the opportunity to develop myself, give me great colleagues and experience memorable development milestones with ESEC from the early days of establishment until now.
Ms. Vy Tran
BD & Marketing Manager

Thanks to ESEC’s quality customer network, I have built good relationships and conquered many big customers. I feel never alone in my work because I always receive very professional support and coordination from my colleagues to help me get a good foundation, to confidently conquer projects and the most demanding customers. ESEC is the place to help me resonate and affirm my ability
Mr. Moon Tran
Sales Engineer

At ESEC, we are proud to build a fair, open and professional working environment. All members have the opportunity to promote their strengths, as well as receive orientation training, job expertise and skills. Thereby helping you quickly integrate into the culture of ESEC and keep pace with the work progress.
Ms. Thu Duong
HR Manager

When working at ESEC, I am a very new person in terms of both experience and expertise. With persistent efforts, not afraid to collide with challenges, along with training and inspiration from the leadership and my colleagues, I can now confidently meet, negotiate, signed with customers and reaped the results from our own efforts.
Mr. Luan Pham
Sales Engineer

As an engineer of ESEC, I have many opportunities to implement large projects for industry leading factories, helping me to improve my knowledge, professional skills and give me the opportunity to experience , challenge yourself. That helps me assert myself when successfully implementing many large-scale projects and bringing satisfaction to customers.
Mr. Quang Vo
Project Engineer Leader