ESEC implements the project “Active Harmonic Control Solution” for Syngenta


East Sea Energy Environment (ESEC) is a partner with the Master Power EcoXpert level of Schneider Electric, in this role ESEC brings solutions to improve power quality and comprehensive energy management solutions to bring customers a Safe – Reliable – Stable electrical system.

Recently, we have successfully implemented the project “Active Harmonic Control Solution” for Syngenta customers.

With a crop science foundation built on more than 250 years of history, Syngenta is a leading global corporation in the field of agriculture, headquartered in Switzerland, operating in more than 100 countries and regions territory. Syngenta brings products with advanced technology, helping to change farming practices globally, contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture.

In Vietnam, Syngenta is a leading company providing agro-pharmaceutical products, plant protection solutions and seeds trusted by millions of farmers. In 1997, Syngenta built a plant to produce pesticides in Bien Hoa. This factory plays an important role in bottling and packaging key products in order to quickly and safely serve Vietnamese farmers.

ESEC implements the project “Active Harmonic Control Solution” for Syngenta

High harmonics is a problem that most factories and businesses encounter during production activities. Syngenta is characterized as a large-scale production plant with a large, modern and complex electrical system, harmonics is an urgent situation here. It directly affects the quality of the power supply; causing damage, deviation to other equipment in the system, causing the main production line to fail. In addition, the harmonic level at the customer’s factory does not meet the safety requirements as recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in Circular 39, 30 & IEEE 519 standard <5% TDD.

ESEC is a unit with a lot of experience in implementing projects on energy management and improving power quality, so we understand the status and urgent needs of customers for the project.

To get specific parameters, we first calibrate the active harmonic filter based on ETAP, the Power System Design, Calculation and Analysis software. This is the global leading power system solution , ESEC is the Authorized Representative of ETAP in Vietnam.

After obtaining the correct data, ESEC has developed a specific solution for the customer with the necessary and appropriate number of devices. We use the Active Harmonic with AccuSine+ solution of Schneider Electric. In addition to measures to eliminate harmonics, the solution also helps customers know the health status of equipment in the system through monthly reports thanks to EcoStruxure PME platform of Schneider. Thereby helping customers to come up with additional maintenance plans in accordance with the system status, minimizing operational risks.

ESEC implements the project “Active Harmonic Control Solution” for Syngenta

With the implementation of the project “Active Harmonic Control” by ESEC, it has brought many outstanding values to Syngenta customers:

  • Power quality (Harmonic) will comply with IEEE 519 and TCVN (Regular 39 & 30 – Vietnam MOIT)
  • Improve power reliability and productivity (power management).
  • Reduce peak currents which frees system capacity.
  • Limit current distortion.
  • Cancel the effects of harmonics.
  • Avoid equipment damage or shortened life (asset management).
  • Reduced harmonics diminishes the production of excessive heat.
  • Prevent logic faults which can result in downtime.
  • Improve equipment service life time.
  • Improve financial performance (cost management).
  • Reduce power factor penalties.
  • One of the factors that contributes to the power consumption saving program of factory.

ESEC is very pleased to deploy this project for Syngenta and bring positive effects to the plant, to help customers in their sustainable development goals through energy management, cost management and bringing standard power quality for customers.


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