ESEC Becomes A Member Of Vietnam Energy Association (VEA)


In March 2023, East Sea Energy Environment Co. Ltd (ESEC) was honored to become an official member of the Vietnam Energy Association (VEA).

Official website of VEA:

The Vietnam Energy Association is a non-profit non-governmental professional social organization of people, organizations and businesses operating in the fields of energy or related to investment, construction, mechanical manufacturing, trading in energy equipment; search, explore, exploit, process, store, import and export energy and other production industries to serve the development of the energy industry in Vietnam.

The association is under the state management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, whose English trading name is Vietnam Energy Association, abbreviated as VEA.

VEA‘s mission is to build and develop Vietnam’s energy industry in accordance with the approved planning and the government’s regulations on the energy sector. In addition, VEA also promotes activities to ensure clean energy and clean energy development policy in Vietnam, gradually contributing to raising the rate of clean energy use.

Currently, members of VEA are investors, operators, producers and users of renewable, clean, green primary energy sources with little negative impact on the environment such as hydropower, wind power, and electricity. solar power, geothermal power… and investors in thermal power production using fossil fuels such as coal, oil products, and gas applying clean and environmentally friendly technologies; investors, exploiting, supplying and using bioenergy. Investors, operators, suppliers and users of clean residential products, organizations and individuals operating in the field of clean energy on scientific, technical and technological consultancy, technology transfer, environment on state management; on strategic planning, policy…

East Sea Energy Environment Co. Ltd (ESEC)  is a technology pioneer, a platform for electrical infrastructure, energy systems, automation and digitization… We focus on optimizing using energy, while controlling the impact on the environment to join hands with the goals of sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

As an enterprise operating in the field of engineering and industry, we fully understand the impacts of industrial development on the environment, causing climate change, energy scarcity and adverse effects on human life, community health. Therefore, ESEC is committed to actively participate in VEA, bring its contributions to balance the environment – energy and bring its “green and clean” solutions to create good values for the community.


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