ESEC attends Innovation Submit Vietnam 2022 Summit organized by Schneider Electric


After a relatively quiet period due to the Covid-19 epidemic, 2022 is a year with many events of ESEC together with our strategic partners, one of which must be mentioned in the program of Innovation Submit Vietnam 2022 is organized by Schneider Electric from December 6 to December 7, at White Palace Pham Van Dong, Ho Chi Minh City.

With the main topic “Innovation for a Sustainable Development Vietnam“, the Innovation Submit Vietnam 2022 calls on governments, businesses and users to solve 3 current crises: energy – economy – climate. In an open ecosystem, digitization combined with electrification using renewable energy is the optimal solution to enhance energy security, resource recovery and decarbonisation.

In the 2-day schedule, Innovation Summit Vietnam 2022 held 14 discussion sessions with the participation of speakers from Schneider Electric and leading partner businesses. The main content of the sessions focused on how to harness digital technology to solve common challenges in energy, economy and climate in order to turn ambitions into reality. During the discussion session on December 7, there was the participation of Mr. Tran Thanh Khang – CEO of East Sea Environmental Energy Company (ESEC), a Master Level Critical Power EcoXpert partner of Schneider Electric in Vietnam, and discussed with Managers of other organizations and corporations on the topic “Sustainable development in industry: Supply chains to reduce carbon emissions and circular economy” with sharing from ESEC’s project implementation experience, Vietnam market practice and analysis from experts, the discussion session attracted great attention from the guests.

Also in this year 2022, for the first time Schneider Electric organizes a global competition called Sustainability Impact Awards. This is an award to honor Schneider’s partners for driving sustainability and efficiency in the operations of customers and businesses by implementing comprehensive digital and connected solutions towards a world of more sustainable and resilient development.

Sustainability Impact Awards recognizes the efforts of partners in two categories:

  • Sustainability Impact to My Company Award: for partners that lead in sustainability in the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in business or operations.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency Impact to My Customers Award: for partners that lead in sustainability by helping customers achieve reduction goals CO2 emissions.

The Awards are rigorously evaluated based on how partners use digital solutions for energy management and automation to electrify operations, reduce energy supply, increase operational efficiency, and increase efficiency control the circularity in the value chain.

This year, ESEC was honored to be awarded the award for the category “Positive impact on sustainable development and efficiency for corporate customers“. With experience in implementing many projects on energy management and power quality control, ESEC has gained the trust and satisfaction from customers, which helps us to win this award. This is an honor of ESEC in the process of cooperating with our strategic partners.

From the early days of its establishment, ESEC has set ourself the orientation of providing solutions focusing on optimizing energy use, while controlling the impact on the environment, clearly reflected in the slogan “Turn It Balance” “. The Sustainability Impact Award is a clear proof that ESEC is always consistent with the set business direction and considers sustainable development as the core value that we must bring to our customers in each of our solutions.

With the common goal of combating climate change globally, we are committed to providing optimal solutions, integrating advanced technology from leading partners, combined with the practical experience from ESEC to provides customers with digital transformation of energy management and automation, serving customers’ sustainable development needs, and meeting society’s requirements for environmental protection.


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