Upgrade Eurotherm 2200 and 2400 Series Temperature Controllers to EPC3000


Eurotherm is a brand of Schneider Electric, has many years of experience in providing products and solutions for process control for industries from manufacturing to life sciences, medicine. pharmaceuticals and for OEMs…

In Vietnam, East Sea Environment Energy (ESEC) is the official distributor of Eurotherm. ESEC is a leading provider of technical services and solutions for Power, Energy, Digitization and Automation Infrastructure with ESEC’s mission to help businesses optimize production operations (optimize production). optimize energy, increase production efficiency, reduce machine maintenance costs…) and especially minimize adverse impacts on the environment.

Currently, the Vietnamese market has a lot of customers using Eurotherm’s equipment and solutions, especially Eurotherm’s 2200 and 2400 series controllers, which are two of the longest and longest temperature control product lines in the world. bestseller. However, these two product lines have been officially discontinued from the first year of 2021. Instead, the EPC3000 is a perfect replacement of the two product lines above because of the additional outstanding features. The EPC3000 temperature controller has excellent thermal stability and outstanding noise cancellation. High sampling rate, which automatically adapts to input type, delivers fast, accurate, repeatable control performance.

The Eurotherm EPC3000 programmable temperature controller provides precise control and quick operation, maximizing productivity with high quality. It has been designed for Industry 4.0 connectivity as part of EcoStruxure™, Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled systems architecture and platform. The Eurotherm PID algorithm used in the EPC3000 delivers industry-leading response times to setpoint changes or process disturbances.

The high-precision EPC3000 temperature controller from Eurotherm maximizes efficiency and is certified for robust cybersecurity communications:

Accuracy and Repeatability

Fast and accurate process inputs, with exceptional thermal stability, support precise and consistent control over long periods of time without calibration bias. User recalibration and calibration functions are available to further improve accuracy.

The industry-leading Eurotherm PID algorithm delivers fast response and repeatable control and has been enhanced throughout the EPC3000 range to further reduce overshoot. Rapidly rising operating temperatures and low fluctuations improve productivity. PID settings can be adjusted to suit specific process active areas, helping to deliver optimal performance.

Connectivity and Cybersecurity

The EPC3000 controller range is Ethernet enabled as standard and is the first Eurotherm controller designed and certified to meet the stringent network security requirements of the Achilles® Level 1 Communication Endurance Test Ethernet communication is supported via a standard RJ45 connector, providing quick access to process and diagnostic information as well as connectivity to external PLCs, SCADA systems and IIoT technology.

FM Function EPC3000 (EPC3000 FM Function)

FactoryMutual (FM) function on EPC3000 programmable controller to prevent overheating. Factory-approved FactoryMutual (FM) functions can be used “out of the box” as an independent high or low limit, or softwires and I/O can be added to combine control functions and PID limitation in a single panel mounted device.

Eurotherm EPC3000 temperature controller is widely applied in industries: Semiconductors, Composites, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Glass, Plastics, …

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