ESEC Collaborates With Schneider Electric Vietnam To Organize Workshop “Digital Power For Sustainability”


After a long time being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not until June 2022 that East Sea Environment Energy (ESEC) had the opportunity to organize an event gathering strategic customers. to discuss issues of great interest in the energy industry. That is the seminar program “Digital Power for Sustainability” co-organized by Schneider Electric Vietnam and ESEC in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

The seminar was held successfully with the participation of representatives of more than 100 companies from many fields: F&B, Cement, Steel, Infrastructure, Energy, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas… The program was hosted by led by the leaders of Southeast Asia, Japan, Vietnam of Schneider Electric and leaders of ESEC.

In the past years, society has experienced many changes, there have been many changes in science and technology, especially the trend of energy digital transformation, which is attracting more and more customers’ attention to guide them. towards the goal of sustainable development and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, combating climate change. Besides, along with the development of renewable energy, the microgrid (MicroGrid) is receiving much attention from the energy community because the microgrid is still quite new to the Vietnamese market. . Therefore, understanding the changes of the market and understanding the needs of customers, we have brought to the seminar program very hot and urgent topics:

  • Digital transformation of energy systems for sustainable development
  • Energy management solutions, improving power quality
  • Improve electrical reliability and safety

That made the program happen with an exciting atmosphere and the customers were not afraid to ask many practical questions to the leaders from Schneider Electric & ESEC to jointly solve the energy problem for businesses. Karma. We received a lot of questions during the seminar, and in general, current customers are very interested in issues such as:

  • Roadmap and cost to deploy energy solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Plan to solve the problem of power quality and energy monitoring system
  • Demand for improved devices with better efficiency (relays, meters)

The conference is not only an opportunity for ESEC and Schneider Electric Vietnam to introduce advanced technology solutions and develop business cooperation opportunities; but this is also an opportunity for us to listen to the difficulties and problems of our customers to understand our customers better and offer the most appropriate and optimal solutions for them.


Also at this conference, ESEC was honored to be awarded the Master Eco Expert certificate by Mr. Dong Mai Lam – General Director of Schneider Electric Vietnam. Thanks to many successful projects and increasing trust from customers, ESEC officially became the Master EcoXpert in Schneider Electric’s Critical Power program from 2022. This is the highest level that Schneider Electric spends. for partners with outstanding achievements and ESEC is also honored to become the first partner of Shneider Electric to receive Master EcoXpert certification in Vietnam.

ESEC sincerely thanks customers and partners for taking the time to attend the “Digital Power for Sustainability” Workshop and hopes that the program has brought valuable content, built good relationships and will open up more cooperation opportunities in the future for all parties.


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