Overview of the OSISOFT solution – Centralized operation management system, optimizing production


With the continuous development of society, data is becoming more and more important, playing a key role in all activities of life and production and business. Along with the development of information technology, more and more data resources, any manufacturing plant needs a system to help re-model data, analyze data and collect data. in real time in order to keep abreast of the business situation and increase the efficiency of business operations.

For those reasons, OSIsoft – the number one global brand in data infrastructure, digitization, and operational optimization, has brought to users the optimal solutions to solve their problems. OSISOFT provides an open infrastructure to connect sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence. One of OSISoft’s flagship solutions is the PI System, which enables businesses to capture and leverage sensor-based data across the enterprise to improve efficiency, sustainability, quality and safety.

Currently, OSIsoft has more than 1.5 billion Tags (data) have been running PI System in the global market for nearly 21,000 factories and infrastructures of more than 140 countries worldwide. More than 65% of Fortune 500 industrial companies operate on PI System.

PI systems collect data from sensors, manufacturing equipment, and other devices and transform it into rich, real-time insights that engineers, executives, and partners can Use it to save energy, enhance safety, improve productivity, link up with business applications, or develop new digital services.

PI System continues to add features that support a wide variety of OT & IIOT use cases: PI Core, PI Edge, and PI Cloud.

In Vietnam, PI System has been trusted and put into use for nearly 20 years by large corporations such as Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and now companies, Large-scale manufacturing plants are also very interested and learn about this solution.

As a strategic partner of leading global technology brands, ESEC provides the best solutions and technical services related to Power Supply, Energy Management, Digital Transformation – Automation for systems. industrial plants and infrastructure. As SI & Value Added Reseller of OSIsoft in Vietnam, East Sea Environment Energy (ESEC) increasingly brings Osisoft solutions to more customers, opens up more opportunities for cooperation and use of Osisoft more for its customers. One of them is the success of the training program “Building data infrastructure and optimizing Cement production” at Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM). Learn more:ESEC organized a training course “Building data infrastructure and optimizing Cement production” at Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM). This program not only brings new and outstanding solutions to VICEM but also is a premise to create new directions for cement production in Vietnam.

With the outstanding achievements and characteristics that Osisoft has, along with project experience and understanding of the Vietnamese market, ESEC believes that we are fully capable to bring our customers solutions. advanced data infrastructure, helping to optimize production and bring efficiency as desired by customers.


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