Project “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” for customers Cao Son Coal Vietnam (VINACOMIN)


Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company under the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) is the largest coal producer in Vietnam with more than 30 open-pit coal mines and 20 underground mines with a total mining capacity of approx. 47-50 million tons/year.

Vinacomin participates in almost every stage of the coal mining process from exploration and exploitation to processing coal and other derived mineral products. In parallel, Vinacomin is also engaged in construction and industrial transportation services, as well as providing repair and maintenance services for mechanical vehicles and equipment used in mining operations. In addition, the production of rubber and construction materials are also two activities that play an important role in the development of Vinacomin.

Mining operations always require solutions for safe power distribution, high availability and energy efficiency for power systems. To have such a complete power distribution system, Vinacomin has set strict requirements for the “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” project for ESEC as well as other suppliers:

  • Real-time monitoring of operational performance and power consumption.
  • Power supply with high availability and power quality.
  • Energy saving.
  • More efficient, more reliable, safer, more digital.
Project “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” for customers CAO SON COAL VIETNAM (VINACOMIN)

In this project, other suppliers installed a platform that covers the entire power network including hardware (medium voltage (MV) system / low voltage (LV) system / transformer / Drives) and software (process automation, SCADA) in the Mining industry. In addition, the contractor for this project is a loyal customer of equipment and solutions from ABB, so it is very difficult for ESEC to provide a full package of hardware and software. However, with our capacity and experience, we have successfully persuaded customers to use products and solutions from Schneider Electric (SE) under the deployment of ESEC engineers.

As an integrator of the Eco-Expert (Energy Management System) energy management system and Power Quality Analysis of Schneider Electric Vietnam, the solution that ESEC offers for this project to creating a complete power distribution system for Vinacomin customers are:

  • Installation of dry transformers (Dry Type Transformers)
  • Installing medium voltage cabinets (MV Cabinet)
  • Install Relay Easergy P3
  • Installing energy monitoring meter (Power meter)
  • PSO (Power SCADA Operation) & Advanced Report & Dashboard Module
Project “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” for customers CAO SON COAL VIETNAM (VINACOMIN)

Benefits that the project brings to Vinacomin:

  • A fully integrated solution that makes up the complete power distribution system
  • Increase life cycle synchronously
  • Create a best operating and maintenance system
  • Improved Energy Management & Asset Management performance, increased availability and reliability of high power grid
Project “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” for customers CAO SON COAL VIETNAM (VINACOMIN)

With the experience and serious working style of ESEC engineers, this “EcoStruxure Power SCADA” project has been successfully completed, bringing a complete power distribution system to Vinacomin – energy saving, cost savings, and energy saving. increase continuity and improve efficiency in production operations. With the effects that this project brings, as well as the success stories from other projects in its development process, ESEC hopes that this will be a good premise to open up many cooperation opportunities for following projects at Cao Son Coal in particular, and Vietnam Coal – Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) in general.


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