Management system “Multi-sites” for customers of Mega Market Vietnam


MM Mega Market Vietnam, is one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. From the first modern wholesale center in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, after more than 20 years of operation and development in the Vietnamese market, MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN) has expanded into 21 wholesale centers and supermarkets nationwide, along with 5 supply stations. goods, 2 transit warehouses.

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN) develops according to the strategy towards building a modern supply chain, along with rapid growth in scale. With that goal, MMVN always applies technical technology to its system to make it easier and more accurate in management in general and energy system management in particular.

Along with the opportunity for large-scale development throughout the country, MMVN also encountered many difficulties in its Energy Management system:

  • 21 supermarkets in Vietnam but no centralized supervision to manage, compare and benchmark.
  • Difficulty in cost allocation, invoicing and reporting.
  • There is no reference/data for future construction or supermarket investment plan.
  • MMVN needs a complete solution for all locations for remote monitoring while being able to generate reports, allocate costs, verify electricity bills.

Understanding the current status and needs of MMVN, after surveying, with its rich project experience, ESEC has come up with a suitable solution to standardize the Energy Management system for customers – “The Energy Management System Multi-sties”

  • ESX Power Monitoring Expert + Power Advisor with multi-sites management capability.
  • Connecting devices for all 21 supermarkets of MMVN: Schneider Electric meters (21*02 COM’x 210, 21*2 PM8000, 21*25 PM2230) & 21*01 3rd party water meters.
  • Edge Control: PME with Unlimited devices, Event Notification module, Billing module, Wed client.

Benefits of the “Multi-sites management system” project for MMVN:

  • Real-time monitoring of electrical systems of all supermarkets from the command center. Ensuring electrical network reliability and compliance.
  • Easily generate reports from raw data to HTML, Excel format for management/reporting purposes.
  • Benchmarking between sites for operational optimization.
  • Check power status with Power Advisor to reduce downtime.

With the rich experience of ESEC’s engineering and sales team, the project “Multi-sites management system” has been successfully implemented, bringing efficiency in work and satisfaction to MMVN customers. The success of this project contributes to enhancing the trust of customers with ESEC, opening an opportunity for ESEC to continue implementing future projects for all supermarkets and other MMVN establishments. in order to further improve the energy management system, bring optimal efficiency to the business, and bring the best experience to Vietnamese customers.


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