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In recent years, Vietnam is entering a period of strong industrialization and modernization. In that situation, the cost of energy is increasing (approximately 200% from 2010-2019), which is a big challenge for businesses and factories. Besides, the Vietnamese market is attracting many companies with rich business lines and modern technology to invest and develop, creating an exciting competitive environment.

Therefore, along with the development of increasing profits, building a green and friendly company image is also one of the top criteria. The above context poses a problem for businesses: How to optimize energy use and post-production emissions treatment to maximize profits and at the same time bring a positive image. best for the company.

Recognizing this urgent need, our East Sea Environmental Energy Company (ESEC) has brought the ECOSTRUXURE POWER solution to customers to solve the above problems. ECOSTRUXURE POWER is a comprehensive solution of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC with ESEC as the integrator of the Eco-Expert energy management system (Energy Management System) and power quality analysis (Power Quality Analysis) of Schneider Electric Vietnam.

The energy management system allows accessing data in real time (Real time), limiting loss and waste. The system is ISO 50001 certified for both hardware and software. System structure: Flexible, easy to upgrade and expand. Real-time monitoring parameters via secure Web portal. In addition, the system serves for power quality analysis, to assist users in detecting abnormal problems in the power system such as: CB jump, control board fire, motor fire, factory system shutdown. sudden action (shutdown)… From there, provide specific solutions to overcome each type of problem.

Solution Architecture ECOSTRUXURE POWER

The ECOSTRUXURE POWER solution includes:

  • Solution for Energy Management System and Online Power Quality Analysis PME (Power Monitoring Expert) with software and hardware system that has achieved ISO 50001 quality certification. Helps the factory to proactively monitor and optimize analysis , energy saving and power quality, applied in the fields of Industry, Construction, Data Center, Medical Care, Aviation…
  • PSE (Power SCADA Expert) Electrical System Monitoring and Control System helps to control automatic operation and remote control, applied for 110KV, 22KV, Airport, Metro stations…
  • Power quality measurement and analysis services (Harmonic, Transients, Flicker, Sag/Swell, Interrupt, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, …). Included solutions include: Accusine Active Harmonic Filter solution, APC UPS online power back-up solution, Sag-Fighter voltage stabilization and flicker handling solution.
Interface of the ECOSTRUXURE POWER solution

The comprehensive energy management solution ECOSTRUXURE POWER can help plants solve most of the operational problems:

  • Track and retrieve data of actual electricity consumption information, clearly determine the cost of electricity for each department, each production workshop, know where and when energy is used.
  • Monitor energy components (electricity, gas, water, steam, oil…) to determine input energy costs to serve KPI calculation, optimize product costs.
  • Reduce labor costs to collect data, increase the reliability of energy usage data.
  • Optimize production reporting time, with just one click (Customize Report).
  • Solve problems related to power quality by timely detecting and handling problems, helping to protect plant equipment and assets.
  • Classification of types of problems related to power quality.
  • Export report of energy use and according to the 3-price electricity tariff.
  • Automatic detection of events thanks to meters capable of assessing power quality.
  • Alerts and events: The software allows to collect warnings that may affect the device: Error, stop working.

With many years of experience in providing technology solutions for the energy and environment industries, ESEC has implemented many projects on Energy Management and Power Quality Improvement serving a variety of customers in various fields. Sectors: Semiconductor technology, Infrastructure, Car manufacturing, Food and beverage production, Chemicals, Iron and steel production, Aluminum, MDF, garment, Building – Hotel, Airport, Super market…

The ECOSTRUXURE POWER solution can be applied to many fields

Projects in different fields help us perfect our troubleshooting capabilities, as well as target the strict requirements of our customers. Thereby helping ESEC have a solid foundation of expertise and the most professional customer service attitude, so that each customer is a success story of the ESEC team.


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