Active Harmonic Filter project for Hoa Phat Steel customers


Hoa Phat Group is the number 1 steel manufacturing company in Vietnam with a market share of 30% for steel pipes and 25% for construction steel. In which, Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company is a strategic production unit to ensure its position as the leading steel producer in Southeast Asia with the main products being construction steel, quality steel coil. tall and flat products – hot rolled coil.

Hoa Phat always applies advanced, modern and environmentally friendly technology to not only optimize production activities but also be responsible for environmental protection.

At Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Plant, the harmonics generated by the high frequency inverter and motion control system create high harmonics and distort the voltage leading to:

  • Neutral overload due to 3 harmonic current.
  • Cable overheat, inverter of main production line is faulty.
  • Reduce harmonic level to safe area as recommended by Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade in Circular 39, 30 & IEEE 519 standard <5% TDD.

Hoa Phat is particularly interested in the application of the most advanced technology and solutions, so the selection of a supplier for this harmonic filtering project has been carefully considered. Other suppliers in this project already have the facility to install the inverter system in the customer’s factory. However, with a team of experienced engineers who have successfully implemented many similar projects and by the optimal policies offered by ESEC, we have conquered customers in the project of providing “Filtering solution”. Active Harmonic Filter Solution”:

  • Power quality rating (Power Quality)
  • Installing 2 AccuSine PCS+ . devices

The success of the project “Active Harmonic Filter Solution” not only brings a positive image to Hoa Phat when it ensures that the power quality (harmonics) complies with IEEE 519 and Vietnam Standards (Circular). 39 & 30 – Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam) but also create other outstanding values ​​in energy management, asset management and cost management of the plant.

Improved power reliability and productivity (energy management)

  • Reduce peak current to free up system capacity
  • Limit current distortion
  • Eliminates the effects of harmonics

Avoid equipment damage or shorten equipment life (asset management)

  • Reduces excessive heat generation by reducing harmonics
  • Prevent errors that can lead to downtime
  • Improve (increase) device usage time

Improve financial performance (cost management)

  • Reduce energy-related penalties
  • Contributing to saving the power consumption of the plant

Energy costs account for a large proportion of the total cost of steel production. Therefore, enterprises and steel factories are very interested in improving energy efficiency because of the great value it brings. As an integrator of the Eco-Expert (Energy Management System) energy management system and the Power Quality Analysis of Schneider Electric Vietnam, ESEC not only provides the Master Harmonic Filter solution. Dynamic but also provides a comprehensive energy solution EcoStruxure Power. The success of this project contributes to creating another beautiful mark in the liturgical process of ESEC’s customers, it not only helps us to accumulate more experience but also hopes that it will be a good foundation for us to grow. I bring my capabilities and best solutions to customers in many fields.


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